179 degrees. This is agony. We have less than sixty miles, and everything seems to be going much much slower

179 degrees.  This is agony.  We have less than sixty miles to until we’re half way round so of course everything seems to be going much much slower.  It’s not though.  We’ve got the genoa out for the first time in weeks and have been going along at over seven knots over the ground.  The weather has been good, wind but not too cold, although, you remember that current that was supposed to help us through the East Siberian Sea?  All and I mean ALL, of the experimental evidence that we’ve encountered supports the conclusion that it just doesn’t exist.  If it did we’d be going over eight knots, so I don’t know what we’re doing wrong but it’s frustrating.  I am really looking forward to Point Barrow.  It’s not that it’s a particularly exotic place, I’ve been to America before and I’ve been further north before.  The reason it’s exciting is because all I’ve seen for the last month has been Russia, and the Russia I have seen is massive, bleak and sameish.  The North West Passage is apparently much more interesting.  I hope so, I’m bored with constant brown moors, we’ve had them for the last four thousand miles.  In order to catch up with Alaskan time we’ve changed the clocks I’m now doing the two till six watch rather than the six till ten.  In reality the only effect this has is when it’s dark the clock says it’s midnight rather than six in the morning.  If we’re lucky it should take us four days to reach Barrow.  I think that there is where the North East Passage finishes, not long now, bye.

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