The Lenin is the worlds first nuclear powered icebreaker it was still really impressive. I want one.

Hello again.  Constance and Barbara have gone to saint Petersburg.  The Mother and I considered going with them but there’s just too much to do.  Also,  my older sister Bea has wanted to go to saint petersburg since she was eighteen months old so it might be a little aggravating for me to go first.  I got up, and immediately went out for lunch, after all it was half twelve.  The Mother and I went to a cafe that does nice pizza and then went to see Lenin.  The Lenin is the worlds first nuclear powered icebreaker.  It’s docked in Murmansk and you can go round it in a tour group.  So we did.  As one would expect, there are pictures of Lenin everywhere.  It’s a massive ship and the tourists are only allowed in a small section of it but it was still really impressive.  I want one.  Once we got back to the boat The Mother had a snooze.  She’s been doing a lot of work on the boat so hasn’t got much sleep lately, and I called dad to find out how to change the various cameras we have to broadcast quality for ITN.  So that took a good hour.   We went to dinner with Hempy at a restaurant called Mamma Mia, so of course it specialised in Russian food.  On the way back to the boat something occurred to me.  At home I have a couple of high quality replica lightsabers.  They’re designed so that you can actually fight with them and I got permission to do so at school.  Within certain guidelines.  At home I have found that just practising swings and so on is actually quite tiring and I could have brought one on the boat for when we’re docked.  I regret not having thought about that much earlier. Bye.

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