John arrived with the parts Dave and Nikolai attached them to bits of the engine


Hello. It’s about ten in the evening and we’re going to leave Vardo tomorrow.  John arrived about an hour ago with the parts.  Dave and Nikolai attached them to bits of the engine.  I woke up at twelve o’clock this morning.  Hazel had gone, last we heard she was happily sitting in an airport lounge in Kirkenes.

I went to lunch almost immediately.  We’ve found a cafe along the harbour which does good sandwiches.  After that Mother and I went to the information centre and exploited the WiFi there to send a couple of blog pieces and so on.

We went back to the boat via the Russian museum that’s in Vardo.  It’s very small but really high quality for how little material they have to work with.  On the way back to the boat we had an idea.  Since I have been very little I have always loved lego.  So as a sort of treat for the north east and west passages I now have one lego model to build during each of those legs, more recently I have discovered that I really like building and painting models like air-fix and Warhammer so I have an air-fix eurofighter  because that’ll take me a bit longer.  In the same shop we bought a small purple fluffy frog which I’ve attached to the pulpit.

Dave cooked dinner and according to Nikolai it might only be tomorrow that we reach Murmansk.  I’ll write again tomorrow wherever we are

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