I have slept just under two hours in the last thirty six, my humour is a little frayed. This does not bode well

We are now half way up Norway and after 24 hour sailing for a bit you discover that only so much joy can be had from featureless water stretching out in every direction. Just over the last nearly two days I have had a real problem. After my watch last night I was unable to sleep, as such I have slept just under two hours in the last thirty six. This is having some adverse effects. Concentrating is hard, I am very very tired but not sleepy, sleep is not an option. My sense of humour is a little frayed and I haven’t been feeling hungry. This does not bode well. Luckily Tromsø is only three days away.

The change of temperature has been noticeable, not so much when you are on watch but when you are down in the saloon, in the evening it is now necessary to wear a light fleece. The day before yesterday we passed an oil field. Dad used to work as a helicopter pilot flying people out to the rigs and back so I know a little about them. The ones you picture with the flaming top are called N.U.I.’s, or Normally Unmanned Installations. As the name suggests they do not usually have personnel on them. The N.U.I.’s are connect to what is called the Nodal Rig. This is where everyone eats, sleeps and works normally. At night I find both types of rig very beautiful. The Nodal’s in particular. They’re the size of a small town suspended above the water. We will cross the Arctic Circle soon, and from there on to the Lofoten Islands. I will write again. Bye.


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