Nikolai has reorganised parts of the forward part of the boat so that you can now find things

I still hate rain. I got up ten minutes before my first shift, ten minutes later it started raining. This continued right to an hour before I went off shift when it cleared up. Now, six and a half hours later, it’s raining again, worse than before. My shift was very boring. The night before, just after I finished writing, we went past an oil field. Oil rigs are divided into two types generally, the ones everyone thinks of, with the flame on the top and so on. I can’t remember their names but they are more or less unmanned, people are flown out to them from what is called the Nodal Rig. Nodal Rigs are manned, they are where everyone eats, sleeps, stores things, land the helicopters for refuelling and so on. The Nodals are much larger than the others and have white rather than orange lights. I find that both types of rig are very pretty, at night at least.

We’ve lost our port hand marker light. This is not good, but not serious, all we need to do is replace the light in Tromsø. As I said, my morning watch had precisely nothing of interest in it. We should be ables to see Norway in couple of days so not long to go. I haven’t felt seasick at all during these last couple of days which is amazing. It’s nice feeling fine. Nikolai has reorganised parts of the forward part of the boat so that you can now find things. This is also nice. For lunch I was introduced to the Glaswegian square sausage. It tastes like toast.

Sorry this has been short again but not much happens during these bits of the journey. Which is exactly how you want it. I’ll write again tomorrow, bye.


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