Fraser, Imogen, Magnus, Jordan, Olivia, Cameron, Ruby….

Hello. Today was busy, or at least the morning was. At nine o’clock I got up and went to breakfast in a nearby cafe. On the way back to the boat I stopped in a shop and bought Nicolai’s birthday presents. I’m not going to tell what they are but rest assured they are suitably appropriate and amusing. A bit after that, about half ten, Big Nose and I got in a taxi and went to whiteness junior school. This is the same school that the children who came a couple of days ago go to. When we got out of the taxi we went inside and were met by the headmistress, Rachel. We the went and said hello to the year that I would be talking to. It’s a small school so the whole year was about twenty five students, I was asked to mention as many names as I can remember in this so you lot better be reading this: Fraser, Imogen, Magnus, Jordan, Olivia, Cameron, Ruby. So, you ‘orrible lot, Hello. During that bit a lot of them asked for an autograph, which was a very strange experience, very very strange. We were then taken back to the staff room as the children finished break, Big Nose and I were offered coffee and we talked to the teachers there as a local reporter arrived as well as the two men from ITN. We then went back to the classroom and I did my talk. I’d made a quick powerpoint yesterday for the occasion and I had a lot of trouble making the smart board work. I finally did the presentation and I think it went okay, but that’s okay, not good. The children however, were brilliant, smily, attentive and overwhelmingly enthusiastic. I don’t think I’ve ever been that enthusiastic about anything. They’ve been reading my blogs so there was relatively little I could tell them/you about the trip so far, even so there were loads of questions and I don’t think any of them weren’t meant to be answered. At the end I asked if anyone wanted to try on some of the kit I’d brought with me. Unsurprisingly almost everyone wanted to try something on. I think I managed to let everyone who wanted to to try something on. ITN dragged a few of them away for quick interviews, mainly the ones wearing the kit. I’d started to go round everyone again with the kit but we were pressed for time so I had to wrap up prematurely. One of them had given me a small minecraft skeleton horse, I’m going to keep it with the stone and can top. There’s a chance we’ll stop here again on the way back, at which point I think I’ll return it. There is a plan for when the trip is finished, David and I will go round doing talks at schools, if this happens I will definitely come back to Whiteness, I love it. At the end of the talk ITN did a little interview with me standing in front of everyone. When we got back to the boat we did some shots of me and Big Nose looking sailory and an interview with each of us. In short, not a bad day’s work. There wasn’t much for me to do back at the boat so I read some more of 1984, interestingly, it’s not as blatantly terrifying as Animal Farm. Just after I finish this I’ll start on my first ITN blog. You will be able to go onto their website and read it. I don’t know when the television stuff will be on air, it might have been six o’clock tonight. But I’ll write again tomorrow after we’ve left, bye.

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