The leak has been found!

So, we are in Lerwick, whoo! After I finished writing to you Dad revealed that we do know where the water’s coming through. The drive shaft for the propellor sticks through the hull out the back, it’s normally watertight because of the tight fit of the shaft and because you grease it. In this case one of those is not true and water is coming into the aft bilge. So, mystery solved. I then went on watch. While on watch we picked up a signal on AIS, it was a small vessel according to its signature, and then it disappeared, it the reappeared as a large vessel, hmm. A bit later I spotted what I thought was an island of the starboard bow, it wasn’t an island. It turned out to be the two hundred and sixty nine meter long cargo vessel that had caused us all the trouble on the AIS. That was all fine until we realised that it had no navigation or steaming lights on, and was moving much, much slower than you would expect. We never found out why it was moving slowly but it did have lights on, the fog had obscured them. After my watch I gladly went to bed and was woken up twenty minutes before my watch, miracle! It was Dad rather than John or David who woke me but still. On that watch we came into view of the island that is half way between the Orkneys and Shetland. Good sign. Nothing else really happened on that watch. I came off watch, had a bit of a sleep and so on and then at twenty past seven we came into Lerwick. I realise now that I really like Lerwick and we’re going to stay a couple of nights. Good. As we were docking Nicolai turned up, it’s really good to see him, I like Nicolai. We then went to dinner, Nicolai didn’t join us, which was very nice. Earlier David Marshall and John Whitley wrote short blog pieces about the trip, their the ones leaving us tomorrow so that’s good. I left dinner early and while I was walking back to the boat I had to pass through a carpark. While doing this a black car containing two young men accelerated towards me and I ran behind a nearby container. As they were driving off one of them shouted, “Why were you running?” in quite an aggressive manner. I didn’t answer. They circled round and parked their car in a place where they could see the boat and stayed there for a good ten minutes while I was unlocking the boat and so on. So that was exciting. A few minutes later the schoolfriend of Hempy’s turned up and we had a talk about the arrangements for tomorrow, small children coming round and so on. Half way through the blokes in the car came back, parked and waited a bit again before driving off. Hmm. Maureen went off and I came inside to write this. Hazel came back while I was writing this and has now gone off for a shower. So I’ll write again tomorrow, we’ve got the children coming round and workmen coming in about the bilge pump so It’ll probably be quite a long one. Bye.


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