School visit

Last year’s visit, from The Shetland Times

One day on and we’re still in Lerwick. This is good. Looking at the mechanics of the boat last year there’s been lots we needed to fix or upgrade. We’ve been fixing these but still there is lots of testing to do. At nine thirty two reporters from the Shetland Times came round and had a talk with me and Big Nose (Dad). At ten the children from Maureen’s school came round to see the boat and talk to us, I know you lot are reading this so, thanks for the puffin. It’s the latest animal to be tied to the pulpit. Everyone liked the puffin poo sweets so thank you for those Fraser. Nicolai returned to us while I was talking to them/you and set about on his skipperly duties. David Marshall left us at about twelve to go back to London. At five o’clock John Whietley left us too. In the meantime we got about sorting things, a man from a local ship engineers came round and was surprised by the construction of the new fuel system – very complicated so we can keep fuel separate in case we buy dirty fuel by accident. We had fish and chips for lunch and mine was nearly stolen by a seagull. Those birds are real pains. We’ve removed the clock we have on the inside of the boat, that’s broken too. We’re not going to get another one, we all have watches. When we first tied up it was by the solid shipping pier, however, because of the size of the tide you have to leave loose rope and when it is high tide the boat can drift away. At low tide the boat is a long way below the pier and it was really quite dangerous climbing on and off the boat. We moved at the soonest possible moment to a floating pontoon and now all is fine. We’ve done a laundry run and attached some new velcro to one of the seat backs. More stuff was done to sort the boat out and now John is cooking dinner, haggis. I’ll write again tomorrow when I’ve got Nicolai a birthday present. Bye.

PS We couldn’t post a photo yet from this year’s visit so we have posted The Shetland Times photo from last year’s visit.


One thought on “School visit

  1. Have just bought a new iPad. The old one was so full of ‘stuff’ that I couldn’t update some of the aps I need to keep track of your whereabouts. I have just got to Khatanga in the book about Northabouts reverse journey. It will be interesting to hear how much the ice has changed since their trip. Weather here dismal, politics scary and a rabbit has decimated my allotment. Not happy days. Sounds as though you will miss John in the galley.


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