A chance encounter


Photo by Bob Bradfield, near Loch Aline

Hello. Sorry about the wait, Dad didn’t get round to sending the last one until about half a hour ago. Anyway. Thankfully I didn’t throw up again yesterday and at the end of my night shift I was no longer feeling sick. I finished Animal Farm, scary book. After my night shift I went to bed, amazing I know. In the morning we went through a channel between some island and the mainland. As it happened, a friend of ours called Bob Bradfield was in the area on his yacht, so he came alongside and we had a shouted conversation between the two boats as we went along. It was decided, a little later, that because of the tides we would have to anchor somewhere for a few hours to wait for the tide to turn. So we’ve anchored and I’m writing this now. We’re collecting a worrying amount of water in the bilges and what’s more is that one of the bilge pumps isn’t working. Yay. We passed the islands of Eigg Muck and Rhum, which I still love the names of, but we seem to have run out of dolphins, we haven’t seen any for a couple of days. On the way there we saw an old castle on one of the islands and I decided that I need to spend more time in Scotland. Not much has really happened since then. We’ve anchored in a place that was recommended by Bob, it’s next to a hamlet but we decided that inflating the dingy and going ashore is pushing a bit far. Err, we had chicken korma for dinner, everything is calm, we should be in Shetland in about four days, um, bye.

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