A cold shower


Feeling a bit sleepy on night watch.

Hi. Since I wrote to you yesterday lots of fun suff has happened, sort of. After breakfast there wasn’t much to do so I just sat a read while the guys from Sharpness sorted the bilge pumps. We needed entirely new ones as it turned out so it was a good thing we stopped in Holyhead. While we were there I restarted the tradition of buying a stuffed toy animal in every port we dock at and attaching it to the pulpit. In Bristol this year I got rat, and in Holyhead I got a sheepdog. It also turned out that there was a problem with the reverse osmotic water maker. We had turned it on to see how long it took to get drinking water out of it, and half an hour later John was woken up by a cold shower. Water had flooded into the holding tank for the water maker much faster than we had expected and it was being pushed out of the air vent at the top. We later learned that this was because the feed of seawater to the water maker was not connected and the holding tank was filling up with salt water. As such I then spent a cheerful hour emptying that tank and rinsing it. We left port at about eight that night. During my night watch we had another strange moon. We saw what looked like that rising sun screen from the lion king, it was a crimson moon slowly rising over the clouds. I expect to have a green one tonight. During my day watch today, about an hour in, the engine stopped. And we all had an, oh god whats broken this time, moment. Luckily it tuned out that this was just because the fuel tank that the engine was running on was empty. Phew. We saw some more dolphins but the main topic of my day watch was the tide. It had started to turn against us and our speed slowed to under two knots over the ground. Yay. It stayed like this until after my watch and now, at half seven, we have got our way up to six knots. Whoo. After my watch I started do do some of the schoolwork that I’ve been set. I started to read Animal Farm. My God is it a scary book. After that I started to feel seasick, I went to bed until about ten minutes ago when I threw up and then felt much better. I’ve started to feel sick again so I’ll stop writing. Bye.




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