Heading home

We have arrived in Longyearbyen for the last time today.  We stayed in Pyramiden for the night and in the morning went for a walk about.  Before hand we tried to fly the drone, and found the root of the problem.  At some point the iOS on the iPad was updated, then the drone app needed updating and then, today, we found that the firmware on the drone required updating.  So no drone.

Anyway, we walked into town and found the following: a playground, empty of course.  It had half buried tyres, a partially collapsed wooden platform, some empty sandpits and a pair of swings.  After we had a mess around there we went on to what appeared to be the main street.  It had an angry bust of Lenin in front of what seemed to be the town governmental place.  To the left of it was a derelict indoor swimming pool and through one windows we saw some dried up plants they had been growing, and a coat still on the hooks.  It really seems like they just got up and left one day.

We went beyond the town and saw an arctic fox.  It came really close, went to the toilet and ran off.  We then walked down a river and to the town’s graveyard.  It was surprisingly small and I think that only the important people got to be buried there.  We went back to the boat and had lunch.  We had planned to leave tomorrow but the weather was not on our side so we left after lunch with an estimated travel time of five hours, ha!  We motored right into a headwind.  On the entire way back we had an average speed of three knots.  It took us from three in the afternoon to nine at night.

On the way into Pyramiden we went to a really old phone box, which was a stool with a phone next to it.  Next to this was a mannequin, or so it seemed.  It hadn’t been there the day before and as we came closer we saw it move and it turned out to be a Russian man named Sasha who was dressed like a Russian from Pyramiden when it was still operational.  Even his gun was in character.  We had met him the previous day and he had been very nice so we gave him a slice of Mim’s and Rob’s cake.  On the way back to Longyearbyen Mum made a tea loaf as her bake off item.  This was so good that it was gone before she could take a picture of it.

I leave tomorrow.  I find this really, really weird.  I’ve been on this boat for a month and a half, normal life will be so odd.  And I’ll be going back school, it seem so strange.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with my self.  I’ll try to write about my first few days in normality.  Bye


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