Noggin the Nog

Yesterday, after I wrote to you, we anchored half way back to Longyearbyen.  After we anchored we had dinner and finally decided to watch a film.  This was something we had intended to do since Bristol.  We decided to watch something that my mother had brought up with her.  It was a present from a man named Alasdair who is a friend of Magnus’s and the man that we bought our equipment off.  He had gifted us the Sagas of Noggin the Nog.  We sat down and saw the entire first story, which consisted of six fifteen minute episodes.  It was hilarious.  Magnus and I were very suspicious of the green bird Grackulas who was surprisingly much maligned by this suspicion.

Me in a nice warm all-in-one suit.
Me in a nice warm all-in-one suit.

In the morning I didn’t get up.  I woke and got up at half past twelve.  Mum seemed to be a little put out by this but we have understood that, as I am now a teenager, if nobody wakes me up then I won’t get up.  This is somewhat irritating for all concerned.  After I got up I found out that we were moving south again and the waves had got up quite a lot and the Mim was feeling rough.  Rob and I were feeling fine but had seasickness tablets for contingency.

Half way through the day the wind and the waves got up some more and we turned into a bay and anchored to weather it.  We had lunch and played a few games of cards.  After that the wind got down again and we continued on our way.  At half eight we anchored again in the same bay that we did nearly two weeks ago on the first time up to Ny-Alesund.  It feels so long ago.

When we anchored we had dinner.  Ellie had given us a brilliant spaghetti bolognese.  I had the last coca cola that I had left.  Then, I picked up the glass that contained my coke, drank from it, and nearly choked.  I was greeted by a horrible spikey sour taste which had only one explanation – David had poured wine into my coke!  This was an evil act that I can never forgive him for. blecch.

We have now finished that dinner are now about to embark on a journey to apple crumble and custard.  There is even talk of Noggin the Nog.  We have also organised a night watch to make sure the anchor hasn’t slipped.  I’m on the second watch which is from twelve fifteen to one thirty.  I think it will be really weird not being on the boat again, it’ll take some getting used to.  Anyway, we’ll be back in Longyearbyen tomorrow and I’ll try to write again.  Bye.


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