Ny Alesund and Throwing Ice

We arrived at Ny-Ålesund for the 3rd time yesterday at half past seven.  When we arrived there was the usual getting changed and calming down.  A little later Mum asked me to take her round Ny-Ålesund.  We went and saw the shop/post office, which was closed.  We saw the Amundsun bust, the husky kennels and all the other fascinating sights.  When we started to go back to the boat we found Rob and Ellie.  Rob, Ellie and I decided to stay on the beach where there were washed up icebergs and vandalize them instead of going back to the boat.  This turned into a competition between me and Rob as to who could through chunks of ice furthest into the sea, he won.

On the way into Ny-Ålesund we noticed that there were a lot more icebergs there than the week before.  I think this is probably because of the glaciers in the valley calving.  We had seen a comparison of how large the glaciers were in 1922 and in 2002 and the difference is really worrying.  The glaciers have receded by over a hundred meters in under a hundred years.  I don’t like that.

We left this morning at seven or eight o’clock I don’t know which.  I was woken up to help on deck but by the time I had got dressed we were away from the dock.  Oops.  So I went back to bed.  I was woken up an hour later for my first shift, this lasted an hour and more or less nothing happened.  I then had two hours off in which there was more of the same.  On my second shift I had an exiting hour of nothing and then the fun started.  We had been operating on a system of one hour on two hours off but this left little time for things like sleeping. Magnus then rearranged the timetable so that we are now doing a system of two hours on four hours off.  This meant that I got an extra hour off after my second shift. Yay.

That brings us to now.  We have passed the most northerly point of Svalbard, the waves are quite high so now Mimi, Rob (and myself after Magnus gave me a mix of tea hot chocolate and gravy to throw over the side) are feeling sick and dinner is being served.  This has been a little short but I’ll write again soon.  Goodbye for now!


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