Sorry I haven’t written for a while.

Me by the quay at Longyearbyen (again).

Two days ago we arrived back in Longyearbyen and later on at eight o’clock Mum and Mimi arrived at the airport with our dad substitute.  We had learned a couple of hours before that Mum was bringing the son of a paraglider pilot from the Lake District.  His name is Rob.  He has just told me that he isn’t “just” the son of a paraglider pilot.  I know this, as I will now illustrate.  Rob is from Cockermouth in the Lake District, you may laugh if you wish but it isn’t really that funny.  He is twenty four years old, married and is (in his words) a professional hobo.  He has worked as an instructor at the adventure type thing, Go-Ape, as a paragliding instructor and as an archery instructor.  He learned that he was going to Svalbard four hours before he left his house.  When I went to the airport to meet the newcomers Rob was more excited than Mimi was!  The rest of the day consisted of moving bags from the airport to the hotel Mum and Mimi were staying in for the night. Rob stayed in the boat instead and I stayed with the family instead of the boat.

Mum and Mim (blue/purple) with Barbara and Constance.

The next day when we got up we had breakfast with David, Constance and Barbara.  We then spent a happy couple of hours moving bags from the hotel to Northabout, after that was done we went and had lunch at the world most northerly chocolatier.  This had dinosaur and polar bear shaped chocolates.  As it turns out the Norwegians don’t call them polar bears, they call them ice bears.  These chocolates are very good.

I have only just realized how much I enjoyed not having my mother being here to nag me.  She’s making me touch type this and it, is, not, worth the effort!  It is difficult, slow and forces me to use less complicated terms and grammar.  It also hurts because the edges of the laptop are cutting into my wrists. Gaaah!  Anyway, rant over. My mother has managed to arrive with an iPad that can control the drone.  We’ll try to use the drone tomorrow and James, I have noticed the question you asked on Facebook.  We’re going to try to get some footage of a glacier.

Later in the day we went back to the restaurant that we went to last time we were in Longyearbyen.  In case you don’t remember it was the one I told you about with all the seal skin upholstery. This time I took some of the pizza back with me and I had it for breakfast and lunch today.  We then went back to the boat.  I’ve changed bunks now that Constance and Barbara have left I’ve taken the bunk below my old one, Mim has taken Barbara’s and Rob has taken my old one.

Me with Constance and Barbara
Me with Constance and Barbara

We left at one o’clock this afternoon.  Barbara and Constance came to wave us off.  We made a beeline to the fjord where we anchored three days ago.  As it turns out Rob is great company, I got to have the first political debate in over a month.  Ellie made apple pies for pudding tonight and Mimi forced us to have a group photo.  I’ll write again tomorrow hopefully.  I think I’ll try the voice thing on the computer. Bye


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