Back to base

We’re now back in the Longyearbyen fjord.  We motored down to it today, saw a few dolphins and met some old friends from afar.  And so the adventure continues, told to you by the amazing and not at all sarcastic, ME!

Everyone got up at seven, hoisted the anchor motored away into the sunrise.  Then at eleven o’clock I got up.  I went on watch at twelve o’clock, during which time we drove to an area which supposedly had walruses in it.  Not that we saw any of course.  After we stayed looking for a couple of hours we moved off in search of more interesting pursuits.  We then headed south and turned into the Longyearbyen fjord.  We then anchored, had dinner and wrote a blog piece, this will now be explained in more detail.

After my second watch, at five o’clock, I started to read facts from one of the QI books on my kindle.  These included the following little gems:  In the USA ransom payments to kidnappers, are tax-deductible, Eton college was founded to provide free schooling for poor boys, there is only one pig in Afghanistan, urea, the main ingredient in urine is used in cigarettes to enhance their flavour, US patent no. 3,234,948, held by Stuart M. Stebbings, is for cheese-flavoured cigarettes.

At one point we entered a bay surrounded by a ring of very very shallow water.  This was where live walruses were supposed to be.  We waited, and looked around, and waited, and looked around, and waited, and had lunch, and looked around, and got fed up, and left.  On the plus side, on the way out we saw a seal.  A bearded seal if Magnus is to be trusted.  No comment on that.  The seal was very cute and fat, we think we should be allowed to keep one.

Today Ellie decided to make brownies.  Three of them in fact, they were very  very nice,  particularly with custard.  We had most of one – they were the size of apple pies – for dinner and it was definitely worth the washing up that David complained about all evening.

I’m afraid there hasn’t been much to write about today, sorry about that.  Tomorrow we go back to Longyearbyen and pick up Mum and Mimi, we also drop off Barbara and Constance.  I’ll write again when something I think you should know about happens, or tomorrow.  Whichever comes first.  Probably tomorrow.  Never mind, bye.

A photograph of an Arctic trapper's cabin as it would have been in the early 1900s.
A photograph of an Arctic trapper’s cabin as it would have been in the early 1900s.

2 thoughts on “Back to base

  1. You’re picking up a third mystery guy too!

    Lols. Even though I’m biased because there’s someone I (now) know on the boat, I’m actually really enjoying reading these. Proof: I have backread everything on here and I really hope the boat doesn’t completely die before you all get back to land! Really liking your happy writing style though; that calms all my fears. XD

    Eagerly waiting for the next one; many thanks. (:


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