Why they looked like big dolphins….

We are now just a day away from the main town, Longyearbyen, and have been able to see Svalbard for a number of hours now. According to David it looks just like South Georgia, and Magnus says it looks like South Georgia, but less spiky. Magnus has had a haircut today, I think his head is cold now. He’s wearing a hat.

It turns out I was wrong about the killer whales. We saw them again today and actually it’s just a type of big dolphin. Oops. If I’m honest I think I could be excused for making that mistake. The dolphins have: no snout, large fins and a black and white colour, like an Orca. Anyway, I think Dad got some pictures of them this time, the difference is quite marked between the two species.

As far as light and temperature goes, you can definitely tell that were inside the Arctic circle. At midnight it looks like five in the afternoon and the temperature hasn’t got above six degrees. With this temperature sitting in the cockpit with the wind blowing in your face, you get quite cold, shockingly quickly. This means that we’re doing a system of, one person covers the deck for half an hour while the other one stays warm. And then we switch over and the other person is inside getting warm. It works quite well.

Ellie has finally surfaced, I think that the seasickness is beginning to wear off. This is good because a couple of day’s ago she made a fantastic curry for dinner and, as good as Magnus, Constance and Barbara are. Well, probably best if I don’t finish that sentence. 

The reason the temperature has been so low is that the wind has come round to the north, which is where all that nasty cold air is. This meant that for a time the ride was quite bumpy; for most purposes you don’t want a headwind. Since then the wind has died away, meaning that the day is lovely. At least I think it’s the day, yes, the clock says six pm, It’s hard to tell from the sky. Anyway, the day is lovely but still cold, we have no cloud so thats what you’d expect.

I have decide that I need a sign off for the end of the posts, and as I don’t have a sign off today I will end this piece with a question that only one person will understand. If that person gets this, please will they reply on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Can I write up “The Camel That Came at Midnight”?


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