Killer Whales

Me and Ellie leaving Tromsø.

This is our third day at sea away from Tromsø. Quite a lot has happened in that time to be fair. Anyway, we’re two days from the tip of Svalbard and are motoring along nicely, so from the top.

In Tromsø while we were getting my flotation suit, Magnus decided to buy a typical children’s sailor’s hat, you know, a Sou’wester, like a floppy fireman’s helmet. Anyway he has used it and it has turned out to work very well, it’s also bright yellow and looks brilliant. I’ve decided to try and buy some more for the whole crew in Spitsbergen.

In Lerwick Nikolay picked up a leaflet so that he could practice reading English. This leaflet was called, ahem, “Revelations from God on the judgement of Britain” with a footnote to the effect that it included some visions on the judgement of America. The man who wrote this is a complete nutter. This leaflet was compiled from a set of dreams, supposedly sent by God, to the author and his wife which foretell of the apocalypse. He had most of these dreams in 2001, so I think we can discredit them on the basis that the world didn’t end.

Yesterday, on my watch it was boring, very boring. This was true until right at the very end, when we had killer whales. To be honest, it’s hard to miss that killer whales are dolphins, they look like dolphins, they act like dolphins. They’re just really really big dolphins.

Seasickness has hit Ellie quite badly. She hasn’t thrown up but she’s in bed most of the time. Really everyone’s feeling slightly sick except Nikolay and Magnus. Oh, how I envy them. Although I am feeling a little seasick it’s nowhere near as bad as it was on the first night.

We saw a drilling platform yesterday. It had a white and blue support vessel hovering just off its side and as we were going past it a yellow speedboat, resembling a banana, came rushing out towards us. We were all a bit confused, were we not supposed to be there? Had Magnus insulted them over the VHF? Had we accidentally kidnapped Norway’s prime minister? None of the above, they just wanted to say hi and check we were not environmental campaigners.

We have tried sailing a couple of times but the breeze is nearly nonexistent. I will now stop boring you with the events of the day, only because there are no other events of the day mind. Anyway I hope you get this last paragraph again, enjoy it while it lasts, bye.


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