Teenager on watch


We have now left Tromsø. Before leaving, we had to refuel and re-water, I was given the job of re-watering. Magnus wanted to know how much water we had used so, we timed how long it took to fill up a ten litre bucket, 12 seconds, and then we timed how long it took to re-water and I can now announce that we had used 350 out of the 400 litres we had. In light of that we’ve decided to try and use sea water instead of tap water whenever we can.

I hope you got the last paragraph on my last post. Unfortunately, just after I had finished writing it dad managed to delete that copy, meaning that I had to rewrite the last three paragraphs. However, I could only remember two of them so yesterdays piece was a bit short, sorry.

When I woke up this morning, at 11 o’clock I found the boat deserted. Everyone had decided to let me sleep while they went about Tromsø doing their various pieces of Gubbins. I greatly appreciated this as, being a teenager, I like my sleep. While they were out, Barbara retrieved various groceries, Dad and Constance went and got fishing equipment and chart software and Magnus retrieved some wedges for the winches. I don’t know what that means either.

Also, David has lost his telephone and really, you’d think that Armageddon had arrived. 

As it turns out, the shipyard Magnus was using was very very slow. We didn’t get the parts till two o’clock and when we went to refuel we went to the wrong place, of course.

It is now six o’clock, the sun is shining Ellie is making some kind of Prawn supper, my Dad is asleep and David and Barbara are on deck. Earlier we saw two rescue vessels and a helicopter rocket past, we still don’t know what that was about. This basically concludes this blog post, sorry it’s so short but I only did my last one at ten last night, I’ll write again later, bye.



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