Getting the last word

We arrived in Tromsø yesterday and since then have been very busy indeed. Today has been spent wandering from chandlery to chandlery, searching for various parts for the boat. We also got me a “flotation suit” which is is a life jacket and foul weather sailing gear all rolled into one.

We have been to the Arctic Museum in Tromsø, which is very good and surprisingly large given what we see on the outside. There we got a toy seal to put at the front of the boat and a rubber fish which is for separating egg yolks from the whites.

Ellie, the cook, has arrived today and says that she was expecting the boat to be in a worse condition, which is a relief. Wouldn’t want criticisms from members of the crew. Just to keep things simple we’re all going out for dinner.

Magnus and Dad have discovered the free wifi in a nearby hotel where we had breakfast this morning and have exploited this for a good couple of hours meaning that no one else in the hotel got any wifi. Dad was shifting a lot of data including drone footage.

My mother called us today and told Dad that she was worried about me. Apparently I was worryingly cheerful. I wasn’t aware that happiness was a sign of something being wrong. We rang her again and I assured her that I was in fact just happy. Shocking.

We went to a restaurant in Tromsø today which served whale meat and deer. I had some of the whale steak and there really isn’t any other way to describe its taste, it’s fishy beef. According to Magnus different parts of whales taste differently; the blubber tastes like chewy fish while the centre is almost indistinguishable from beef. Oddly I don’t find this tricky to believe.

It turns out that My Mother has been cutting out the last paragraph from all of my blog posts. I’ve asked her to stop so you should be getting everything now. Yaay.

We’re going to leave Tromsø tomorrow and I’ll write again when something of note happens. You haven’t had this paragraph before so enjoy the change; if you’re not then. Mum, I asked you to stop that, thank you. Anyway enjoy the change and GOODBYE!


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