Would you like a little (sea) water with that sir?

Me and Magnus crossing the Arctic Circle

We are now passing through a channel between the mainland and the Lofotens. The weather is still lovely, the nordic mountains are completely erratic shapes and sizes and, I know It’s terribly cliché but, they look like a lot of really huge teeth. How this is still pretty I don’t know, but it is really beautiful.

We passed the Arctic circle a while ago now and Nikolay revealed a sailors’ tradition of having two shots, one of Vodka and one of sea water. Everyone except me did this and, shockingly enough, declared the Vodka to be better.

Today I talked to my siblings for the first time since I left. It was nice to hear from them and apparently all is well. My sister got her AS results, my brother is leaving for America to train as a pilot, my other two sisters are fine and successfully preventing the cat and the dogs from killing each other and my other brother has finished his second year at university. All seems quite amicable really, odd that.

We’re planning to fly the drone off the boat for the first time tomorrow, I’m kind of worried I’ll mess it up but everyone else has faith. Looking back I’m quite pleased with what I’ve managed to film, not all of it has been terrible. Actually that reminds me, I have to get a close up of the duck, shoe and sheep attached to the front of the boat. for those that are wondering, I plan on getting a Troll in Tromso.

We should be arriving in Tromso tomorrow afternoon where we should be taking custody another member of the crew, a cook. I’m pleased about that because as good cooks as Magnus, Barbara and Constance are, anything new will be interesting.

I have now decided that this boat has it in for me, I seem to be the only one who, upon exiting the saloon, consistently hits his head on the boom. However this picking up of head injuries could be quite useful as an excuse, as follows. I apologise for any content placed on this blog that has caused offence, however I cannot be held accountable as my numerous head injuries have left me concussed. Anyone buying that? Anyone? Anyone? Ah well, It was worth a try.

Our mascots – a duck, a shoe and a sheep, with Norway in the distance.

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