Land ahoy!

This is a photo of our Last (fish) Supper before leaving Lerwick. I can’t send photos with my blog posts over satellite so Mum is posting photos we have already sent. Left to right Constance, Barbara, me, Magnus and David – Dad took the photo.

You know the oil rigs that I said should come into view at some point soon? Well they haven’t. I think I may have been misinformed on that front. Anyway. We’re now 300 miles from Tromso and we can now see the Norwegian coast. Not in any detail, all we can make out is the outlines of mountains, but the coast is definitely there. We have decided to take a detour around the Lofoten Islands, basically because they’re pretty. This will increase the journey time by a little but, having been to the Lofotens two years ago, I know it will definitely be worth it.

Because we’re in Norwegian waters, the time zone has shifted, meaning that my last shift only lasted three hours, ha. Mind you the watches are still pretty uneventful, we haven’t had dolphins for ages and the sea is steady as a rock.

We’ve managed to identify the birds that’re all around. They’re called Fulmars, that’s as much as I know. Oh, they have a life span of forty years and don’t breed until they’re nine.

We are now about 30 miles from the arctic circle and the night is no longer dark. Despite this David is sleeping fourteen hours a day, I think his knee is still acting up. Actually, sleeping may become much more difficult, for the first time in the voyage we’re sailing into a headwind and we may well have to hide in a fjord until things settle down.


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