Shetland already!

I’ve decided to stop trying to guess arrival times. We were supposed to arrive here in Lerwick the day after tomorrow but here we are. In twenty four hours we have gone from the north tip of Scotland to Shetland and I see no reason to complain. 

It’s Nikolay’s Birthday today. We have got him a bright pink head-torch which I’m sure he appreciates very much. We also got him a cake and a candle which plays irritating music at you.

Nickolay in Northabout.

We also had…..DOLPHINS! Shock, shock, horror, horror. They stayed for a while exciting everybody and we got some pictures. If I’m honest the novelty has worn off a bit, although they are still lovely. 

When we reached the southern tip of Shetland I realised that this Island was very different to even the Faroes. The coast looks as if it was thrown up by a massive earthquake. It is frankly beautiful. 

We have broken out and played the ‘monopoly, world edition’ and I have decided that I don’t like it. It’s too different to proper monopoly for me. We also have other board games but it’s difficult to play on a tilted table.

Lerwick’s an interesting place. Most of the buildings are made out of slate but you have the occasional 1960’s gray or beige slab. The most interesting things were the fact that they have placed a very large graveyard on an outcrop of stone and all the boats that come in get a very good view. Also on the top of almost every hill there is a radio mast, and it seems odd that there are so many for an Island of so few people. An amusing thing is, on the way in we saw what we thought was a building. On closer inspection it turned out to be a boat, covered in Zebra stripes!

We are now going to celebrate Nickolay’s birthday and see if we can find somewhere to buy warmer boots before we leave for Norway.


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