Dolphins again!

We are now just about to pass the most northerly tip of mainland Scotland and the weather is AWFUL! It is very soggy and although the sea isn’t that rough it isn’t nice. Anyway. We left Ardfern yesterday where not much happened other than I attached a shoe to the boat to go with our duck. Oh and some minor important repairs, such as a new anchor and repairing the genoa (front sail) pole.

On the way out yesterday we had, as you can probably guess, more Dolphins! A load of them swam right up to the front of the boat and stayed so close to the bow you could have hit them with a hockey stick! This prompted me to stay at the bow and watch them until they went away in about twenty minutes time. But not for long. Later that evening we had some again! Not as many or for as long but they were there just as we motored past the Isle of Skye. This morning; dolphins again, and a baby dolphin! Point to remember, baby dolphins are very cute.
Yesterday we also decided to take a trip past Neverland. Okay that’s an exaggeration, but where else do you find the Islands Egg (Eigg), Muck and Rum (Rhum)? 
Today Magnus revealed to me that he has a collection of 266 star wars ebooks that he has never read. He has allowed me to read them if I want and I want to see how many I can read in the next six weeks. You may laugh at me and my hobbies if you wish.
We got some drone footage of Ardfern while we were there and we asked the people in the harbour office if they would like a copy. We were too late. They’d paid a professional drone pilot to do the same thing the week before. Oops. Also in Ardfern was a D of E group who were sailing instead of walking which is interesting, and as it turns out David is a trustee of the D of E charity. 
Yesterday just before we left I found an article in a newspaper about a teenage boy who is doing a polar voyage in an aluminium boat. To my surprise/confusion (whichever makes me sound nicer) it wasn’t me. It was a fifteen year old who is sailing the northwest passage and hopes to become the youngest to do so. I wish him all the very best. I’m hoping to do that next year when I’ll be fourteen so with a lot of luck maybe I might become the youngest next year.
All in all we’re making good progress despite the setback in Rosslare. Lots to be excited about. I’m enjoying the trip and looking forward to Norway and Spitzbergen.


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