45 degree loo challenge

We have now left Rosslare, the Irish port we stayed in when we were cowering from the scary wind. We’ve just reached the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland and hope to reach Ardfern by early tomorrow morning.

After leaving Rosslare we sailed north and are still doing so now. we set sail at eight, so I had the second shift. The main highlight of this shift was we had dolphins again, loads of them. The dolphins occupied us for about half an hour and many pictures were taken while trying not to fall into the sea.

The best thing of all about yesterday though was that I started using seasickness tablets and am still feeling fine. My free time yesterday was spent teaching Barbara the card game Irish snap, which turned out to be a mistake, she’s very good at it, and Uno, which she’s also good at.

I also, after an unforgivably long time, realised why making tea on the onboard cooker is so tricky. It’s not on gimbals, which usually keep the cooker the right way up if the boat is heeled over. Today this resulted in me splashing coffee all over myself.

On my night shift we had the first fatality of the trip. An innocent little mug slid off one of the benches on deck and the handle broke. It was most upsetting. later on we put up a pole to stop the genoa from collapsing. It’s just fallen down. The mast clip broke.

I have just learnt from a reliable source that my dad and Barbara saw a puffin yesterday on their shift. 

For those of you who have a gruesome fascination with how difficult it is to go to the toilet in bad weather sailing gear on a floor thats at a 45 degree angle at two in the morning I must disappoint you. It’s not that tricky. Making the tea is harder.

For those would be adventurers who are put off by the prospect of eating terrible boil in the bag camping food on these trips, rejoice, we’ve had proper spaghetti bolognese for dinner every day we’ve been underway.

This morning we caught the Irish sea in rush-hour, I saw on my shift three container ships and a ferry. Although this wasn’t a problem for us; because we are a sailing boat, the law said that they had to get out of OUR way! The main issue was that a fishing cage was reported to be floating around near us and if we hit a large chunk of metal at some speed it could sink the boat! The boat hasn’t sunk, so I think we missed it.

If you’ve seen any film involving a boat you’ve probably seen an image of someone standing with their hands on the wheel looking very determined. Rubbish. Boats have autopilots.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write again tomorrow. I would write more now but Nikolay is showing us pictures of his cat in a sink and is teaching us Russian, Gick, means boom.


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